Why Choose Ceramic Coating Over Traditional Wax?


we want you to have the best protection for your vehicle

We use Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax at ProShine to provide a slick, glossy finish and layer of protection on our cars. Wolfgang hand crafts the ultimate car wax, protecting your car from water, pollutants, UV rays, dirt, dust, insects…all of the common elements that sabotage exterior paint. It’s durable and longer lasting than your average wax which is why we use it on our vehicles.

Although wax offers an adequate level of protection, it still leaves your car’s paint vulnerable to corrosion, scratches, some staining, and in some cases oxidation. Waxing requires regular maintenance as it naturally breaks down and washes away over time. We recommend detailing and waxing your car every three months as the season change, or at least twice a year. If you’re looking for a higher level of protection and looking for less trips to the detail shop, a ceramic coating is the right level of protection for your vehicle.

Ceramic coating with Ceramic Pro is a liquid nano-ceramic coating that bonds permanently to the surface of your car. Unlike wax, ceramic coating will protect your vehicle from scratches (say goodbye to spider webbing), and corrosion by forming a glass shield between your car and the world. We carry a full range of Ceramic Pro products that can be applied in different ways to meet the needs of different vehicles and lifestyles. To learn more about how a lifetime warrantied Ceramic Pro application can protect your vehicle, please book your free consultation.