Treatments & Restoration Add On Services

Bring that stunning weekender back to its original condition with some of our specialty services. Our automotive cleaning professionals have nearly a decade of experience working with luxury, rare and classic vehicles. These add-on services put the finishing touches on your vehicle to make it seem new all over again.


Headlight restoration

Increase your night-time vision with a little more illumination. Headlights get damaged by UV rays and can become discolored from oxidation. Our headlight restoration service resurfaces the lens to keep the lamp shining brightly.


Undercarriage treatment

Life’s great at the beach…except for your car. In the Hamptons our vehicles get pummeled with salt from the beach, the air, and during our snowy winters. Accumulation of salt on the undercarriage of your vehicle increases the chances of rust, which causes significant damage to the exterior appearance and slows mechanical performance. Our Undercarriage Treatment ensures that the underside of your vehicle is fully cleaned and protected.

Ceramic Pro.png

Convertible Top Protection Treatment

What’s better than driving down the Montauk strip with the top down to escape the busy life for beach life? We know those top down days are far and few in our Long Island paradise, so maintaining your convertible top while it’s in storage is a must. Every car is a little different in terms of style and materials for their tops, but our detail pros have just what you need to restore, protect and prepare your convertible for summer.


ceramic pro interior protection

Your car should be beautiful and protected inside and out. Our ceramic coating services include fabrics, vinyl, plastics and other common automotive materials. Let us help you discover the right level of protection for your vehicle.