Compare Our Car Wash Services


Mobile Car Wash

We come to your location for a complete exterior cleaning of your car. We’ll also do an interior vacuum and blow out. All interior vinyl and plastic surfaces will be cleaned as well.

A layer of wax can be applied for an additional cost. A wash takes about 45-60 minutes and the layer of wax can take an additional 30 minutes or more depending on your vehicle type.


Full Detail

This is a complete interior and exterior cleaning of your vehicle. Your detail includes tire shine, all interior and exterior glass, interior protection for vinyls and plastics, interior vacuum & blow out, and more.

In addition to a full cleaning, we’ll review the exterior of the vehicle for any paint correction needs. The service takes approximately 4-5 hours and includes a layer of high quality wax.


Ceramic Coating

At ProShine, we use only the very best formulas to clean and protect your vehicle. We offer a variety of packages to meet your lifestyle and car protection needs.

For a stunning high gloss finish and warrantied level of protection against common road elements, send us a message today for your free application of Ceramic Pro Rain.