Automotive Detail Services


White Glove Full Service Detail

Experience our showroom worthy auto detailing and waxing services at our conveniently located shop in Bridgehampton. ProShine offers year-round detailing service with vehicle pick up and drop off and same day appointments. We use only the finest formulas in the world such as Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax and Ceramic Pro Coating to give your vehicle a glossy wet finish.

A full detail cleaning of your vehicle includes the exterior body and the full interior. Every step of the detailing process is performed by a professionally trained experienced detailer.

We specialize in luxury class, classic, and rare vehicle cleaning, so your car is in expert hands. Utilizing only the best formulas in the world, your car will be both clean and protected. Inferior cleaning and protecting agents can damage your car. At ProShine, we walk though your vehicles needs with you to ensure the best cleaning process is applied for your service.


Full detail service includes:

  • Complete exterior hand wash. Contamination removal, imperfection correction, and old wax applications stripped.

  • Wheels cleaned and dressed with Tire Shine.

  • Clay bar application to stubborn areas.

  • Second complete exterior hand wash to further remove contaminants and residue. This includes all door jambs, hood and trunk jambs, exterior trim.

  • Hand dry, using high quality microfiber towels.

  • Paint inspection with headlamp and correction performed with high quality compounds

  • Swirl mark and spider webbing removal

  • Exterior polishing with orbital buffer and buffing pads.

  • Layer of hand crafted carnauba/polymer blend Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax for high gloss finish and protection against UV rays and road contaminants.

  • Interior vacuum, including upholstery, floors, floor mats, trunk, crevices.

  • Interior blowout to remove loose grit, sand, crumbs, etc.

  • Steam cleaning carpet and fabrics.

  • Interior trim cleaning and protection.

  • Fabric and leather treatments to refresh appearance and provide a layer of protection.

  • Interior and exterior glass treatment including front and back windshields, side windows, mirrors and special attention to exterior headlamps and tail lights.

A full detail takes about 4 to 5 hours.


Our Formulas


ProShine Detailing uses only the best formulas, tools, and application practices to bring out the shine in your vehicle. We give your vehicle a new car look that lasts. Lower quality products and tools damage exterior paint, and even high quality materials can damage your car if they aren’t applied correctly. Our team members are highly trained cleaning professionals. We select the tools and formulas that are specific to your vehicle inside and out.

Here are some of our favorite high quality products that we use on our vehicles:

Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax

We use Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax, a hand-crafted carnauba polymer blend from Germany. A properly applied, high quality automotive wax will protect your car’s exterior paint from contaminants that were removed during the wash. More beauty for your vehicle and less trips to the detail shop.

Ceramic Pro.png

Finishing Touches

Complete your car wash or detail experience with our additional services. From headlight restoration to undercarriage cleaning, we’ll get your car looking its very best.


full detail and ceramic pro application

Using only the best ceramic coating on the planet, Ceramic Pro will protect your car’s stunning finish. Ceramic Pro uses nano-technology to bond to the exterior paint of your vehicle creating a glass shield. All of our Ceramic Pro applications will increase the longevity of your paint. Click the button below to learn how you can receive a lifetime warrantied ceramic coat for your car.